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For prettiness I place my cake on silver stands that I bought on ebay, it was a set of 4 or 5. Are you asking about stands or drums, the drums can be covered in something pretty as well.
We have used BJ's 2.2 lb bag of mini marshmallows since we started doing this and love it!
I had my husband make me some out of 3/4" plywood and just lately he wasn't able to cut out some more so I asked a friend. I take a deposit to cover the cost of the plywood if a customer doesn't return it. I think a sheet of plywood costs about $25 and you can get quite a few of cake boards out of that. Ask around, your friends, neighbors church members, school, if they can use a saw they can cut some boards for you. I have them round my corners instead of leaving them...
MMF is the only fondant we use, compared to Wilton fondant it is much better in taste. I can only compare it with Wilton for I have never tasted the other brands. I love that it is so inexpensive to make and very easy to use! Keep in mind that you might not like it but your customers might not mind the taste of MMF. I don't like any icing expect for ganache but the cakes I make are not for me.Hope this helps some what.Connie
CWR41, How much should I be charging?Thanks!
Thank you! To be safe I told her the cake serves 168, she is having a hard time believing that the cake will feed that amount of people! She has me second guessing myself so I figured I would ask.
I have a customer who wants the bottom tier of her cake to be 16 X 6" high square instead of the regular 4" high cake, this obviously means that I am using more ingredients since now I am baking one extra layer. How do I price this and does this mean that now a 16" which serves 128 now serves more? I charge $3.25 per serving for a 4" high fondant cake.Thanks for your time!Connie
Thank you so much!
Does anyone have any info on bettercreme, I tried to search on the forum but get an error message. I know where to get some but what's the difference between buttercream and bettercreme, is one easier to frost with than the other? What has been your experience with bettercreme?Thank you!
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