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i refrigerate my cakes for a few hours after i ice them, so the icing is hard.. then i stack... i never had a smudge when i stack them
ok i may sound cheap.. but i always go generic with aldi's brand .. its the only box cake i actually like and its way cheap.. lol... i have a friends that specifically asks for that cake mix because they likes it so much.
iv always put fondant cakes in the refrigerator and never once had a problem
i tried making them.. and all i ended up with was sliced up fingers.. lol ill stick with ordering them or having my friends husband make them for me
at my old job we made a chocolate glaze for icecream it was like ganache but made with milk and lots of butter... it was reallllly thin due to the milk
when i use cheesecake as my filling i have it the same height as my cake, which i have on the thicker side so the entire cake only has 2 cakes and the cheesecake... and i use the whole cheesecake.. so if its a 8" cake i use a 8" cheesecake and so on.
i use a raspberry/ cheesecake filling.. but i use an actual whole cheesecake (with no crust) as my filling and a thin layer of raspberry preserves on top of it... its awsome
i do not cover any of my wedding cakes.. is the cake going to be kept out at the reception site or in the walk in cooler or refrigertator overnight ?
the carmel walnut cake in the whimsical bakehouse book is my new favorite fall cake
i made a carmel walnut cake a few weeks ago and its really good, but i thought it needed something extra in it. I made the cake again yesterday for my future bosses birthday( she loves the cake) and i added the vanilla carmel powder creamer... and man if the cake taste as good as how my house smelled i know im gonna gain all the weight i lost back.. coz im gonna want to eat it all
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