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A quick and dirty story about the move. My marriage failed, my business was about to take off... and now all that is in the garbage and I'M TAKING OFF with my 5 year old son.I could get into the details but the main reason I'm posting this forum is to find out if there are any fellow CCr's in the Denver area. Not only for fellowship but ... I must admit... I am going to be looking for a cake decorating job. So, if any of you know a store that is looking for help or if...
Is there anyone that can even give what they are willing to pay?
I found a kitchen that is willing to rent to me on a "as needed" basis. This is exactly what I want.However, they have never rented their kitchen out before and do not know what to charge me. The wanted me to ask y'all to see what the going rate is.How much would you pay if hourly?How much would you pay for a 8 hour day?
Silly me, I thought this was the original debate.I'm just sayin...
Checking them out now.. thanks lomikesa
I took a class for pulled sugar and Joshua John was there assisting. Of course I grabbed him and drilled him on how he makes his scalloped edges. He told me that he used toothpicks to measure how wide and how deep into the cake he wants them to go, then he just free hands it. I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet but I hope that helps you out.
I'm feeling better by the minute.. Thanks guys
I just contacted GFS. Thanks indydebi
Yea, the cards I've been dealt are crummy. But you know what? I have to do what I can with what I have. I am contacting Pillsbury and Sara Lee and anyone else that will listen. Then, I am going to let my cakes build my business. My start may be difficult, but my ending is going to be spectacular. I just need to keep positive people near me. And the occasional nay sayer will only encourage me to prove them wrong. Will I tell them that I use pre-made cakes? Don't know. I...
leily: Pillsbury huh? Sweet.. I'll try that out. Thanks for your help.
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