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I Want to see a picture of the cupcakes and cookies plz and yes full refund.
thanks so much !! ill for sure do that and upload the pics thanks
ok so i made up my mind finally lol it going to be a cherry cake with peacans , almond and cherry chocolate filling buttercream frosting with fondont ill upload so pic soon thank you guys for your help
would it be possible to add honey to the fill im thinking like the frosting and bits of peacans and almonds with honey does that sound good to you guys???? or is it cuz im pregnant it sounds good to me =P what kind of flavor for the cake it self what sounds good with my peacans??
what does WASC stand for??? and where can i find it?
im not sure where it wil be at but i hope it turns out good ! ill besure to upload some pic afterwards thanks guys
ok so buttercream it is!! =D thanks now now do you think a banana cake with butter cream and peacan bits in it sounds good i want to make a good impression its my coming out cake. they are haveing a cake walk and i would like to stand out .becuase i would like to start doing this for a living. so any adives would help me so much
ohh ok im not sure about what kind of cake i do what it to have peacans and or almonds so im guessing carrott?????? would the cream cheese hold up out side?? i want to add fondant to it as well
ohh wow hardwood nice!! no i do not have an impression mat but im sure i can hand paint it or something but i think if i can do more of an impression like you say. it will look better but what can i use?? ohh and the butterfly im going to use some rice paper for the wings but i have seen the wilton bird but they make it flat i would like it more 3d so im thinking all fondant .
im making a bird house for our family reunion and i need some ideas ..... as in colors for the house itself and how to make the birds? what would you use to make them? i know its going to have a butterfly and flowers growing on the house but in lost on the birds i have no idea??? ohh and its for This SAT>!! i know its coming fast. any input would help so much thank you
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