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For sure check the oven temperature. I did that and found out that my (old) oven is about 50 degrees less than it should be.
Thanks so much for sharing this!!!I already signed up for the seminar.
It looks like a big star tip, you just give a little wiggle when you pipe, to give the wavy look.
hauhauahuaI have a favorite hat that I couldn't part with for nothing in this world. One day I went to the movies with DH. The movie finished and then I went "where is my hat". I started looking for it everywhere and could not find it. Left and looked at the restrooms, nothing. Went back to my seat to look again. Now I have the workers cleaning the theater helping me look for my lost hat. Very sadly I gave up, left and went to my car. That's when I put my purse into my lap...
Just ordered mine. Thanks for sharing.
Can I find it at another store, say home depot?I am heading there ASAP!!!Thanks for the tip
I never heard of sugar veil. What is it?
Me too!My first wedding cake is a black and white that I gave as a gift to my husband's nephew and his bride. I was so pleased with the result, and also to the fact that now I have something to show to future clients.Its worth the investiment.Your cake is so clean and elegant, and the flowers so beautiful!! You will have tons of orders.... Congratulations.
WOW!!! Those are really magnificent work! How does she get the edges of the cakes so perfect and clear!?I just can wish to get even close to this kind of perfection... Thanks for sharing!!!
Hey!! Looks like you guys had a great time. I don't live too far from Indy; maybe next time you get together I can come?! I would be delighted to meet you all in person and pick more on your brains!Please, let me know!!!!
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