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Hello When using sps and doing flowers in between tiersDo I put the plates on the pillars first and then put theCake on the plate or do I put the cake on the plateAnd then put it on the pillars. I have to deliver. ShouldI go ahead and put the cake on the separator plate first,Or no. Thanks so much
Hi Everyone, I also live in Pike Co. KY. Where do you live grannys3angels? I have a cake shop in Belfry.
Thanks everyone, My oven is a Deluxe brand. It is a cr-2-4. It will hold 4 full sheet cakes (18x26). Deluxe website is
Just wanted to give an update. I was inspected today by the health dept. I got a 99%. I didn't have my utensils stored with the handles facing up. I am just to be in business.
your welcome, Ashland is about 1 1/2 hours from me.
hi I live in ky I'm getting ready to open a cake shop. When I asked about doing it out of my home the health inspector said I would have to have a totally separate kitchen separate from the living area with it's own entrance and it's own septic system. so I ended up renting a place.
Wow!!! I took a food handlers class this month to get my permit and it lasted about 20min. and no test. I guess that's the difference in states.
I have been having this bulging problem lately. this is the first weekend in a while that I didn't have any bulges. When I put my cakes together I didn't have the middle icing all the way to the edge I actually left about a 1/2 inch from the edge. But I think the biggest cause of bulges is settling, because it seems like the longer they set the worse it gets. After I put my cakes together I weighted the tops of the cakes down with a cake pan with a box of cake mix in...
hi Yes my counters were made by my dad but we purchased countertops from lowes. The pan racks were also built in the counter. They were made with 3/4 inch dowels. My square footage of just the kitchen is about 500 sq ft.
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