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Here is a link to a cake decorating ebook, pdf format, about page 40 is the tips use.
I am 98% sure this pic is from CC, when I saved this I should have named it. Anyhow, hope this gives you an idea how to carve the alligator. order from both these places, fast shipping and reasonable shipping chgs. I have not tried magic line, I have fat daddio and I really like them.
This is the recipe I use all the time, no matter what flavor cake I want to make. recipe turns out wonderful every time.I use Pillsbury, commercial mix of choice for one it has pudding in the mix. Now, if you want lemon flavor you can add lemon extract, LorAnn lemon oil would be preferred, grate lemon zest into the wet ingredients, use instant lemon pudding or sm. pkg. of dry lemon jello into the...
What comes to mind as a former coal miners daughter, metal helmet with headlamp, the metal lunch pail, coal bucket with coal lumps, of course these memories are of long ago when daddy was a coal miner way back in the 1950's. Maybe a figure dressed typical coal miner covered in coal dust, all you could see were the whites of their eyes.
My question, why would you need to support a 2 layer cake? I am assuming you have no topper or need to support a second tier. I have used sucker sticks as a support system for a small second tier, but if you are doing multiple heavy tiers I would use something more sturdy.
What comes to mind is a storybook cake from Rosebud Cakes, book with popup castle. Here is the link, scroll down 3/4 of the way.
They also have them at Kitchen Collection Stores, $9.99 here. I bought one.
I have baked cheesecake in regular round cake pans, so I don't see why you could not bake in 11x15 pan. You would need to double your recipe, Alton Brown from the Food Network has a recipe that is fab, and in my opinion is full proof. You would need to line the bottom and sides of the pan with parchment and well buttered, bake your cookie or graham cracker crust, cool completely then fill with cheesecake filling, pan of water can be placed under the cheesecake pan directly...
I believe her reason for charging only $50.00 is because she has known this person a long time, so she is giving her a very generous discount. I don't think op's point was to make a profit on this sheet cake. Just my take on it.
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