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I gotta ask this the main reason you are upset, that the MOB yelled out the window at HER HUSBAND about being late and (your words)embarrassed and demeaned him in your presence? I would imagine, unless this lady was born and raised in a cave, you will receive a proper and gracious thank you within the normal time frame for sending out thank you cards. Last few words, when I am running late for something very important, the stress level is over the top and would...
Can't see much difference in that and cake balls, guess you could call it sheet balls . I dont believe in wasting, but that is a bit much.
Here are 2 links to modeling chocolate recipes. Not the standard 1/3 c corn syrup. need to weigh the chocolate on scales to get the proper ratio of chocolate to corn syrup.
Agree with Debi here. We don't have any real bakeries in our town any more, we did when I was growing up. The bakers started their day at 3am and pumped out a multitude of baked goods and bread. I don't imagine a 24 hr. notice would have been out of the question.The thing today is, instant gratification..people are so use to getting whatever they want fast and cheap for that matter. Even I have rolled my eyes at the window person at the drive thru when they tell me to...
Take your king sized white liner, cut down the side of the liner, then cut out the bottom and lay the liner out flat, trace onto card stock, cardboard or whatever sturdy paper you have.
If your are selling to restaurants, its not up to you to evaluate the size of slices. I would imagine the restaurant has a portion marker for cakes and pies. You would need to think about pricing in a different way when being sold for re-sale. I doubt if you would be able to earn as much money selling this way, after all the restaurant is not going to pay you $3 or $4 a slice when they sell it for that much. Just my thoughts, best of luck with your venture.
I have never used canned frosting before,( assuming the DH stands for Duncan Hines) but I do buy the bucket of Sams Buttercream and mix sleeved strawberry filling together, turns out great, I also add a little strawberry extract as well.Edited to say...even better is the Rich's Frozen Bettercreme and sleeved strawberry filling!
In Central Ohio the cost 19.63 for 15 lbs.
I think you did the "right" thing by agreeing to give full refund and make anniversary tier. Besides a Brides Dress, the Wedding Cake ranks right up there as top priority. Unfortunate for the both of you that the cake was damaged, in the end however, the bride did not get what she paid for. You did your best to mend situation but the client was not happy and for a legitimate reason. By refunding, word of mouth will be positive, by haggling with the bride I imagine your...
For consistent results, the only stabilizer I use is Dr. Oetker Whipit. I buy my packets at Meijer Grocery, located in the international foods aisle.
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