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Thanks to all of you that have replied to this topic.  I am over this cake, it was truly a learning experience, I am well aware of what I did wrong.  I have done many wedding cakes but it was my first time using the SPS system.  I also know to get someone's signature before I leave it for who ever does anything to the cake.  Never just drop a cake off.  No, I never dealt with the event planner only the bride and groom.  I have moved on.  Thanks again for all of your...
Here is a picture of the cake.  As you can see, the left side middle tiers is sinking.  After everything started happening (the yelling and screaming) I watched a couple of videos on the SPS system.  I have not been cutting the pillars right!  Leah, you are correct (of course), they need to be level with the cake and I was cutting them about 1/4" below the surface.  I am still new to the system and I felt confident about the support they give a stacked cake.  I still...
I delivered a five tier wedding cake that I thought was going to be safe enough to stand thru the reception. I used the SPS support system but the middle tier didn't seem to be holding itself up properly on one side. It seemed to be sinking in a little bit, making the cake look like it was leaning too much. Someone else was to come in and place tons of fresh flowers on it, I have never been able to agree to place fresh flowers on a cake so I tell my brides that their...
What icons/logos does everyone use  on their business cards?   i.e. facebook, twitter etc.   Thanks, Carol
Hi all, Happy New Year!   I am looking for pictures or ideas for a theme cake using Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.   Thanks, Carol
I have a cupcake order for a Tupperware party and the customer would like something that represents Tupperware on each, I am at a loss for a creative idea.  Any and all ideas are welcome.  Please respond even if you think it is goofy.  Thanks, Carol
My favorite - caramel apples!Yesterday I made apple cider cake balls, they were awesome!
Thank you, it's exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find. Yea!
Where can I find the list of demos for the ICES 2012 convention? I think I remember someone talking about the ones they are going to take and the hands-on ones too?Thanks!
How do I get this look on this cake. I don't have an air-brush. I welcome all suggestions.Thanks.
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