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Thank You Mimifix! Yes, K8memphis it is confusing.
Does anybody know if Disney's new magazine "Disney Cakes and Sweets" changes their copyrights rules on cakes? I ask because they send you molds and give you ideas of cakes you can make. Then there's of course their facebook page which they post other peoples' cakes on there. 
Thank you for the quick response! Now I can start making some!
How do twice baked cakes taste like? Are the designs all dry and hard?
Thank you everybody so much for your help, I ended up doing cupcakes because I had made some for a funeral today and had left overs. morganchampagne I actually have no idea why, but the bride's sister works with my brother so I said yes. Thank you again!
Thank you so much for your help. The bride knows what flavors she wants, chocolate and vanilla with buttercream frosting and strawberry filling. So do I present each of them with a cupcake with filling and one without? 
I know there is several posts on cake tastings. My question is what looks more professional a cake or cupcakes?   I always thought that you had to do a cake but I've read that some of you make cupcakes instead.    Is it more of what is easier to make?   How would you go about presenting a cupcake vs. a cake?  I know you would present the cupcakes on a platter but how do you present them to the bride, groom, and their guests?      Also, if I made...
I'm thinking about doing it this year but I have a few questions.   How do they feel about licensed characters, like say for a birthday cake I have a fondant Mickey on it?     My second question I noticed that the are repeating LA BAL MASQUE what is this exactly?   I've entered a competition before and I was honest about what division I should be in but I feel that Oklahoma divisions are more advanced, would it be wrong of me to enter the adult...
I don't know what kind of eyes you are looking for exactly but maybe these will help. Hope the links works.     Ash
Thank you guys for the advice! I ended up flagging the post, I'm going to try and contact the other person to let her know.
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