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I have made cake balls only twice and it was MANY years ago. Strange thing is I found the recipe on this site and it called for using any flavored non-dairy creamer as a binder. I've searched this site like crazy and don't see the original recipe or chat post. I have used non dairy creamer and then when I didn't have any on hand I also used flavored syrup (the stuff you use for coffee). Anyone else heard of using this as a binder instead of frosting?
I haven't decided if I'm a fan of the doctored mix or not yet. I received the Cake Mix Doctor book for xmas this year and am going to try a few recipes this weekend. I do know that so far I prefer from scratch cakes.
I guess they would change the cake depending on if it was eaten or not. But even the cakes on Duff's show seem so dense to me, they don't seem like they'd be light, fluffy and moist. I don't think light, fluffy and moist can hold up (maybe I'm wrong).
I've noticed that when I'm watching a cake show (i.e. Ace of Cakes) or a cake contest (Food Network cake challenge) I never see anyone say "Man, this cake is awesome!" or actually hear much about the taste of the cake. Now I think I watch quite a bit of cake TV, but maybe I'm always missing the comments on taste. We all know it looks beautiful. I've never tasted one of those expensive cakes. Has anyone here tasted one? Does it TASTE as good as it LOOKS? I'd love to one day...
I'm a huge fan of cake flour. Not sure if it's the recipes I've been using, my slowly increased cake baking skill level or the cake flour but the last several cakes I've made turned out WONDERFUL. (I got the recipes from the softasilk website). The cakes I made held up to being put in the fridge and still cake out soft when we ate it. 1
I clean surfaces as I got and make sure to put used dishes/pots/pans in the sink to soak while I decorate. As I decorate if I'm done with a tip and won't use again, I have a cup of hot water on the table and put the tip in there. It helps later when I'm ready to wash the tip, the grease is a bit easier to get out. Hope this helps!
I still couldn't see the picture but right clicked, copied and pasted into a word doc. The ball looks really cool! I don't know if this is what you were going for but I REALLY like it. It looks kind of spindly and see through at the same time. GREAT JOB!
I can't see the picture.
Does anyone know if there is a way to view the e-books on your TV? Or download and make a DVD when you purchase it? I want to buy the e-books but my computer is not anywhere close to my kitchen and don't like the idea of trying to make BC flowers at my computer desk.
I recently bought the book but haven't tried any recipes yet. I did read the intro and agree with what the author said that you have to make your frosting, can't buy the canned stuff if you want great taste. I'll update this post after I've tried a recipe.
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