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Yes, Washington D.C
Hey !! I'm a cake artist based in Dubai, UAE. I would be travelling to Washington and New York on holiday in June ( for the first time, I'm super excited ). I'd like to know places where I could go to for supplies and also some of the famous cake shops to try. Look forward to hearing from you'll.Thanks in advance !! Regards,Arwa
Hi ,I had made a baby shower cake with the similar concept. I used a round cake and made bootied on the top and had mickey n minnie's heads peeping out of the booties. Maybe you could use the same thing !
I've used egg white n it worked great ...
Thanx obabassa, will keep that in mind. Here's the picture
Thank you so much everyone !! It worked. The cake stayed on perfectly well. The client and all her guests loved it ( I went to the party to set up the cake). I will upload the picture in my photos. Regards,Arwa
Than you soo much !! You have no idea how much more confident Im feeling now. The characters are also looking much better than what they looked when I just started them. Can't wait to see the final cake . Will post a pic soon !!
Thanx once again !! Feeling a bit more confident now . Just one quick question, when covering the RKT with fondant, does it always make it heavy? The reason I used them was coz I thought they would be lightter than using a chunk of fondant for the head. So now, I should dowel the cake like a normal cake and then place the RKT head that's sitting on a cake board with one dowel going through the RKT , the board under the RKT and the main cake. SOrry for bothering you'll so...
Thanx for your quick reply !! Natalie, I didn't get the part where u said extra support to the cake. I Haven't cut the dowls as yet but Im going to make sure the dowels go right throught the cake till the bottom. Evelyn, I haven't seen the ready treats here , but will look out for them for my next cake !! Just so stressed right now ... But I think im gonna be fine now ... Thanx once again
Hi ,I'm making a Barney cake tomorrow and Im making the characters 3d. The body of the characters will be cake ( I used the barbie mould from wilton) and for the heads I used RKT. I made the heads a couple of days before and inserted 2 dowels sticks in each of them. I just tried covering them with fondant and now they've become super heavy. My question is , will the body of the cake collapse when I put the head on or will the dowels help support it. Ive used regular wooden...
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