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Thank you Winniemog for the info. I managed finding food grade dry ice from a local ice manufacturer. The party's tonight, fingers crossed it all works well :) 
Anyone ???? Please please
Hi there,    I'm planning a cake for my niece's mad science party. I want to make the cake in the shape of a beaker and place a plastic container at the mouth of the beaker and add some dry ice to create some drama.   Since dry ice isn't easily available at the local supermarkets, I made the dry ice using a CO2 fire extinguisher ( watched a youtube video and it worked ). My question is, would it be okay if the fumes of the dry ice touch the cake? Is there anything as...
Yes, Washington D.C
Hey !! I'm a cake artist based in Dubai, UAE. I would be travelling to Washington and New York on holiday in June ( for the first time, I'm super excited ). I'd like to know places where I could go to for supplies and also some of the famous cake shops to try. Look forward to hearing from you'll.Thanks in advance !! Regards,Arwa
Hi ,I had made a baby shower cake with the similar concept. I used a round cake and made bootied on the top and had mickey n minnie's heads peeping out of the booties. Maybe you could use the same thing !
I've used egg white n it worked great ...
Thanx obabassa, will keep that in mind. Here's the picture
Thank you so much everyone !! It worked. The cake stayed on perfectly well. The client and all her guests loved it ( I went to the party to set up the cake). I will upload the picture in my photos. Regards,Arwa
Than you soo much !! You have no idea how much more confident Im feeling now. The characters are also looking much better than what they looked when I just started them. Can't wait to see the final cake . Will post a pic soon !!
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