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I know this is a controversial topic, so for those that don't agree with using them...please post somewhere else. Just trying to find resource for white foam boards either 20x30 or larger. Used to wait for Hobby Lobby to have them 50% off and buy 20 for $20. They no longer have 50% off so I'm looking for another source. Any help is appreciated!!!
I use all-butter buttercream with butter flavor added. It's really yummy, but someone on this site suggested using cheesecake flavor (?) by Lorann. I thought it was a great suggestion that I will try next time.
Many people on this site will say, "YES!" to the question of a separator board, however, I've been successful not using them and have done even taller cakes. I'm not sure if the type of cake makes a difference though. Mine was more of a pound cake, dense consistency.
I did cake balls from MO to PA (in the fall/winter) when it was cool. Put the cake balls in the little paper liners (like mini cupcake liners) and placed them down inside egg cartons. Then placed parchment paper over the top before closing carton. They shipped perfectly.'t know if the link above posted, but on flickr...there's a poster named Sweet Devotion Cupcakes and she has a photo called "fall mum cupcake bouquet".
Not sure which fondant recipe you're using. I only use Michele Foster's from this site. However, I've found that adding a little glycerin helps. Also, as soon as you lay the fondant on the chilled cake, smooth the top and quickly move to the upper edge to press that in to secure it...then work your way down. Sometimes the weight of the fondant on that upper edges causes tears.
Thanks for all the replies...for some reason I wasn't alerted to them in my email. I am using regular paper to check the color and when I finally tweaked it to the best of my ability, I printed it out on icing sheets.
I am new to edible image printing. I bought a Canon IP3600 and have some color adjustment problems. There's no clogging going on. I just can't seem to print anything in a gray tone. Everytime I print, the color is very blue. I'm not sure which way to adjust the colors to get more gray instead. Any ideas?
Oops! too fast.
Disco dust...comes in a variety of colors.
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