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Thanks, that is exactly what I ended up doing. I called the manufactures and got a listing of distributors that carry their products
Hello everyone For those in NC or SC where do you buy your supplies wholesale? ( flours, sugar, dried fruits, nuts, premium chocolate, butter etc) Sams club or Costco is not an option for me......I'm looking for premium ingredients and I know those places don't carry brands like Cabots 83, purasnow, or premium chocolates. I've searched the yellow pages and web with no luck
Does anyone know of any wholesale vendor(s) in Charlotte or surrounding cities where I can order ingredients in bulk? I'm particularly interested in purcahsing flour, dairy, nuts and fruit products. Thank you.
You can also use a 50/50 mixture of fondant and gumpaste. Modelling chocolate also works too
Yes it would, I do it all the time But make sure your fondant is rolled out as thinly as possible.
Hello everyone, I've been MIA for a while but I'm happy to be back Does anyone know of a licensed commercial kitchen in the Charlotte/Mathews/Pineville area of North Carolina that I can rent by the hour? Any feedback or suggestions wil be greatly appreciated
Will anyone here be attending ron ben's classes in California? I would love to be there but didn't find out about the classes until recently. I e-mailed Caljava and they put me in their waiting list and I highly doubt it that any opening will pop up for me. If anyone wants to sell their spot I'm up for it.
Does anyone know how long modelling chocolate decoratings will keep? Do they last as long as fondant or gum paste?
Collett Peters uses ganache in crumb coating alot of her cakes before she applies fondant
You did an excellent job with the calla lilies and you're right, using a cutter will be much quicker than trying to use a templet and an exato blade. You can buy one of those pasta machines that has a handle frommost craft shop. They are inexpendive and will save you lots of time. You will also get consistent and even thickness with the gum paste.
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