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Here are 2 I found in the Template gallery- I've used the first one- worked great ! The second loks good too - haven't tried that one yet. Good luck.kathy
Another suggestion- I used plastic soda bottles- cut off the top and bottom, and slit up the side. Then, roll it into the width you want- wrap with masking tape to hold, and stuff with rice krispie treats. Let harden and remove the bottle tubes.. The beauty of it is that you can make different width turrets by rolling the tubes wider or narrower.... Cheap, easy and reusable !
Here is my buttercream recipe- Cook one cup milk with one quarter cup flour. Keep stirring to boiling- (careful not to burn) Cool to room temp.Cream one cup sugar with one cup butter.Add in Milk/flour... Beat together.....You can add 1 teaspoon vanilla, but I usually don't-too sweet with that.. Perfect without. Enjoy !kathy
At this point, I would give the cake as the gift - It may be more than you planned, but rather than ruin a relationship and foster bad feelings, that seems like the simplest way out - Its also a lesson learned...
Suggestion to give you some ideas- if you put 'black white red' in the SEARCH field, it brings up tons'o'pics of black, white and red themed cakes. Lots of variety to inspire you...Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding !
Congratulations and best of luck in your new business ! Your cakes are awesome and definitely nice enough to sell...My only additional website suggestion would be to try to get your future pictures without the datestamp on them. They will look more professional.. Again- lots of luck- I am sure you'll do great !!kathy
Wow- they ARE especially pretty !! Anytime I post, it seems they go immediately- it says 30 minutes, but it never takes that long...Sorry you missed them , but glad you posted here !
Welcome to CC ! I've been using candy clay as fondant- 14oz candy melts to 1/3 cup corn syrup... I've also used the cheaper Almond bark and works just as well.... Rolls out great, tastes yummy, easy to color.... I've also used home made marshmallow fondant, which is also yummy, but the candy clay is sooooooooo easy... I use corn starch to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin..Good luck, but most of all, have fun !
Not sure about the Oreo one, but I have used Jello Lemon Cook and serve forever- I make it using the pie filling directions, chill and whip it up- I love the consistency and it tastes great with the buttercream... One problem I have is that all my cakes all taste the same, but I haven't found anything I like much better - I tried the strawberry fluff one, but it seemed to thin- tasty, but it seeped out from between the cakes. I want to try a mousse type- Let me know...
Actually, they both look pretty good to me ! Even with all the curses on it, they came out nice ! I know I sometimes work better under pressure, but I really do try to plan in advance and do as much as I can early..... Good job and take care of your finger !
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