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if i have a lot to do, i will prep them then night before. i just spray and line with wax paper and never have sticking problems.
i've done the exact same thing and it came out fine.
candy melts are a great idea! extra treats to enjoy!!
i just posted a coral reef cake on in my photos. check it out...a week ahead, i made the coral and fish in gumpaste and then just placed them on the cake the day of delivery. very easy!
what a cool looking cake! i love it!!
anybody else?
filling is fruit so i wanted to keep in fridge. i will need to stack this cake on site and i like to stack when chilled. also, the cake will have time to come to room temp before eating tomorrow night after delivery. i really hope the dragees will be okay!!!
Need advice!working on buttercream covered wedding cake with a gazillion gold and silver dragees for decorating. looking good but when i pulled a tier out of the fridge today to work on, dragees started to sweat as they came to room temp. question...after they come to room temp will the sweat just evaporate and leave the dragee in good condition or am i about to have a serious problem on my hands????any experience and help would be greatly appreciated!!!
i want one!!!! so jealous!!
adorable!! so pretty!!
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