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Congratulations and good luck!
"bump"I have the same question regarding the selling price to a retail shop. In my case it would be a small cafe/bakery. I would be making decorated cookies in their kitchen (space that I rent). Thanks.
Hi Patrice2007, I needed navy blue for my class reunion 3 weeks ago. I used royal blue mixed with black, and it worked great. Good luck.
I just bought one at the beginning of June. I purchased the Cannon ip3600 from, and the edible ink and paper from I am just a hobbyist, and didn't want to spend a whole lot. This system has been great. I have used it mostly for cookies so far. The first weekend I had it I made 150 cookies for a going away party at my church. I bought the precut circles, printed the images, and put them right on the wet glazed cookies. More recently I...
I absolutely LOVE the glace. That is all I use now. It's like a blank canvas when it dries. I love to use edible markers on it. I've also painted on it with gel food color and vodka. Makes the cookies look like they been painted with water colors. I tried using the thickened glace to decorate, but I didn't have much luck. Now I just mix up a small batch of royal to do outlines and such. I used it with edible images for the first time this weekend and it was...
I got the paper from Icing Images. Someone from the company posted on another post I had about setting up my printer, and said they have templates. I should have gotten a paper with my shipment telling me where to find them, but either I didn't (or I threw it away). I sent an email asking for the template, but haven't heard back yet. Probably because it's the weekend. I thought someone on here might have an idea. I tried the Kopykake free templates, but I couldn't...
Hi. I don't know if anyone will be up tonight, but I'm in need of some help. I purchased the 2.5" circle paper, but I can't find a template to work for it. I tried making my own with a Printmaster program, but I can't get the circles to line up right. Does anyone have a template, or know where I can get one? I wanted to have the cookies ready for tomorrow. Nothing like procrastinating huh! Thanks for all your help.
Thank you for the reply Mikel79. I will try to set it up today. BTW your cake looks great.
Also, I bought the 2.5" precut circle image sheets. Is there a template/software anywhere that helps with the printing?Thanks again, Brooke
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