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Sweetart, that looks awesome!
I highly recommend the book and all his other books. Can we not type the word 's u g a r c r a f t' on here now either? I know about the whole affair with the company of that name, but Nick Lodge probably wouldn't appreciate the name of his school being blocked on a cake decorating board!
The post with the test was removed? You're kidding, right?It was someone's personal experience and the pictures showed her real results. Even though I do own and enjoy my FD pans, it was very good to have that visual of the difference with the two brands. I just don't understand why we can't post our own experiences with products. What about all the Wilton-bashing posts? Would they be deleted if Wilton decided to give out free trial fondant?
Just wanted to add that I purchased a full set of square FD pans when I started my business and I've been very happy with them. My only problem is that I only have one of each size!
Isn't the party today? Huh? Please?I can't wait.
Ummm...I just have to ask: If the smiley has 'pms' why would it be 'used'? On the original topic: HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL THIS PARTY? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
Thank you to the original poster and thank you wgoat5 for this link!
I recently bought the buttercream and fondant dvds and found them very interesting and helpful. Even if you don't use the same buttercream recipe you can pick up some great tips on getting a straight and even cake and smooth fondant. Highly recommended!So watch the youtube video and then buy the dvd's!
Can they change the rule about deleting pics that have a certain number of 'favorites'. We could all help by deleting our duplicates if we were allowed to remove any pic regardless of the number of times it was saved as a 'favorite'. I tried to do this with duplicate views of a few of my cakes. They only had a couple of favorites, but they still couldn't be deleted by me. So, can that rule be temporarily lifted while this job is being done?
This is the most incredible thread ever. I can't stop staring and blinking...
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