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I am new to the cookie stuff and was wondering if any of you have tips on how you do it?What is:~your fav cookie recipe~fav thing to cover cookies with~your prices~your most needed tool for cookie making?~.......any other tipsthanks
What is your personal favorite resipe for cupcakes and their fillings?What about your most ordered?
what about curds(lime and lemon) ...sorry i'm new to the whole filling thing and gourmet flavors
I found the recipe on cc but when i made it it stuck to EVERYTHING . It colored great but that was the only matter what i put in it(PS,cornstarch) it seemed like it just"ate" it up Did i do something wrong?Thanks like this?I'm not sure how you would do this on buttercream so here's a bump
Can whipped ganache sit out even though it has whipping cream in it? Thanks
What is your personal favorite..and most ordered flavor? ~Sweetcakesbydesign
two words..... cake dummy
Where do you get LorAnn oils??
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