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I'm making a cake as the gift for my sister in law's wedidng on the 18th. I want to do a calla lily topper with some callas on the rest of the cake too. How far in advance can I make the flowers? I've never done calls before so if anyone has any pointers...
All I had to work with was a 4" bench scraper, which didn't help the situation I will try the business card trick next time.
I used the "creamy whipped buttercream icing" by Kitagrl. The taste is great and so is the texture...very light. It does not crust at all because of the tons of butter, but it does have a nice shiny finish. I imagine it would smooth beautifully on an even cake. Thanks for all the nice compliments. I think I was just a little bummed about this one because it's not too exciting. I've been doing a lot of fun cakes lately and this one wasn't all that involved.
Thanks...Love your avatar by the way.
For some reason I feel obligated to post everything, even if I"m not that happy with it. tried a new non-crusting bc and it was really hard to get smooth on a not so even cake!Anyone else have photos they aren't so proud of?
All of your "undernoticed" cakes are great! I'm so glad people do these threads. My daughter's 1st birthday cake was one of my favorites and I thought it would more attention than it did. This cake was huge...two 10" rounds and large rk top.
Has anyone ever used the SPS with 3 inch round pans? I only have the 3 inch. Can you cut the columns?
Don't feel bad. I have done many cakes and still want to know what the trick is!!! I can't seem to stack them without making a!
Thanks! I'll definitely do that.
How do you all find these??? Just an internet search? We don't get the actual paper anymore so I'm always asking for coupons.
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