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I've never had the "hockey puck" problem
Yeah the banquet hall people do not appear to be the brightest. With my luck someone would hit or tip over the cake. I'll have to rethink this.
I could deliver it Saturday but my husband and I are in the wedding so I thought I would save myself some time. We will be decorating on Friday night so I had originally planned to bring it then. Maybe I should wait until Saturday???I would still like to have it decorated late Thursday so I can get everyone ready for the weddiing/rehearsal. The stacked fondant cake wouldn't be refriderated but the sheet cakes could be. Will it get dry??? I've let cakes sit before from...
The wedding is Saturday and I can deliver the cake Friday night. Is decorating Thursday night too early for a Saturday wedding? It will be a 4 tier covered in fondant.
My big sister gave me a "sisters" calendar last year and this was one of the daily quotes. I love the Peanuts and this one made me laugh out loud Most days I would chose to keep her but some days...
All my calla lilies are made for a cake on Saturday. They are all on wire. I can conifigure them into a bouquet for the topper, but have no clue what the best way is to secure them on the cake. Should I use posy pics??? I've also seen reference to coffee stirs...any tips????
I just finished my first callas for a wedding cake next week. I used the heart cutter as shown in Edna's YouTube video. Your look great! My cake will be black and white so I made some black callas with white centers. The black fondant is kind of dull and I'm looking for a way to make it "shine" a bit. Any ideas? Also, how do you hold/arrange a calla lily topper (bouquet style)? Do you wrap the wires and insert to the cake or use RI as "glue"?
Leahs...your my savior! You always answer my questions and give great tips. I got my SPS two days ago to use in this same cake.
Thanks. I'm so excited for this cake. I hope the vision I have in my head translates to the actual! It will be very black&white and not your traditional callas.After watching Edna's videos on the flowers, bows, icing, etc I'm all pumped about doing any cake! I've been meaning to watch them for about 6 months and am glad I finally took the time.
I just watched Edna's videos on YouTube. I think I'm set now How far in advance would you all bake your cakes? I don't mind freezing cakes but I've never frozen for more than 2-3 days. How long can I safely leave them in the freezer???
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