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My niece turned 4 this weekend and I made her the cake below: her Mom went to cut the cake she had a fit. She wouldn't let her cut the inchworm. We had to take it off the cake and save it. Too cute What other things have people insisted upon saving from your cakes?
Need help with what to put on a cake. My boss' last day is June 30th and we are giving her a party. She is 62 but was not planning on retiring quite yet. Unfortunately the company we work for forced her to take a package so now she's retiring a bit early. I'm not sure what to write on the cake, as she didn't choose to retire. Any suggestions?
Thanks. I love that you made your own b-day cake The florist might actually arrange something but I'll check inot the flower picks. I was worried that the stems on the gerberas were too thick to fit.
I need to arrange fresh gerbera daisies on a 6" round topper for this weekend. What is the best way to do this?
Ugh, I called several places. Two Walmarts had a printer but they were not working. The third Walmart had a working printer but the lady I talked to wasn't that knowlegeable about it and said she would have to talk to her manager. Do you have to give them a physical picture, like a 4x6? I found the picture I want browsing on the internet. I have to do a cake with a Farmall B tractor for a small BBQ. Since I don't want to spend 10 hours playing with fondant and boards...
Where can I get an edible image printed? Do you think my local grocery store or Walmart would print an image for me?
I'm self taught as well, but some skill may have been passed down in the genes. I didn't find out until about 6 months after I started decorating that my Grandmother used to decorate cakes for extra money back in the day. I found CC when planning for my 1st wedding cake, which is the casino/gambling cake in my photos. This website has been my main tool for learning skills and trying new ideas. Love it!!!
On the bright side, the cake was close to the bar I think I was most bummed that I didn't get the pretty background for pictures I was hoping for. The wood paneling doesn't really give an elegant effect. My DH was so cute...he suggested bringing back our own table and removed a chair cover in attempt to create a better background!
Ugh, I spent forever on this cake for my sister-in-law's wedding. It turned out great and I was all excited until I delivered the cake. It was a 12, 10, 8, 6 covered in fondant. had me place it on the 2nd of 3 long rectangular tables...with no wheels...against the wall between the appetizers and the gifts. They thought they were going to take the cake tot he kitchen to cut it until...
Well, I started baking on Sunday and froze the cakes. They were excellent and very moist. I also decided not to deliver on Friday and waited until SUnday morning. I"m glad because the people running the show weren't that experienced and thought they would be moving my cake into the kitchen to be was on a 12ft long table with no wheels!!! I was so happy with how it turned out though!
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