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Maybe I'm not describing the pan correctly. It is the 3D cupcake pan with the top on one side and the cupcake bottom on the other.
Does anyone have the instructions for the Wilton giant cupcake pan? I know it serves 12, so I am assuming 6 cups of batter but do not know what temperature to cook at or for how long.
It's a 2 tier cake.
I just posted my Sccoby cake from this weekend browsed the coloring book images and figurine pictures and then picked the ones I liked to base the figurines off of.
Pilsbury...I have never had a problem with using it in WASC and I use the recipe all the time. I also use a flower nail when baking, which really helps and then press the middle down immediately after taking the cake out of the oven to make it even.
Thanks everyone. I think I am going to go and pick up a few yards of fabric. I'll have to figure out a place to pin it up. My kitchen gets great natural light but I always seem to finish my cakes in the middle of the night
Okay everyone, how do you get these lovely backgrounds for your cake pictures? Do you have a mini studio set up for taking pictures of your cakes? Do you photoshop? Mine always have miscellaneous items appearing in the background. It just looks so much nicer when the background is a plain, solid color. Any tips???
It would be a little inconvenient to haul your supplies back and forth but like you said, it may be worth it for the extra business you could generate.
I was just thinking of doing the same thing. Did the church seem open to this? How much would they ask for rent? I beleive all your work has to remain there in order for everything to be up to code, but I'm not sure.
Thanks! I may give the applesauce one a shot. Like I told the grandma, I'll do what I can and Benjamin (the birthday boy) will be the only one who knows if it tastes bad and he doesn't have much to compare it to
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