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That's what I was thinking. Any favorite recipes???
I experimented with the WASC recipe to create a Pear/white chocolate cake. I'm looking for a light frosting to top it off, but I still need to be able to spread it smooth and do a border. Suggestions???
Has anyone ever started as a partnership? There is a fellow cake decorator near by that is interested. We are both ready to start our own business and either lease or buy a place but have no clue how to procede. Any advice??? Tips???? Or am I asking for trouble in a partnership?
I've used Great Value and never had any problems with it. I love their shortening for buttercream. I think it has a higher fat content or something because I get way different results with Great Value shortening.
Thanks everyone. I just thought it was odd. I've never not seen my pictures on the recent photos shortly after posting. I guess Friday nights are busy times
I finished what has become one of my new favorite cakes and rushed to post the photos. Somehow, the cake never appeared on the "Most Recent Photos" strip. this ever happened to anyone else? I've posted quite a few and can always see them on the strip on the home page.
I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.
Thanks gingerbreadtogo! Do you use Antonia74's RI recipe from this site? I have a batch of it mixed up right now and it is pretty thick. Also, is you gingerbread recipe posted on CC?
I was approached by a member of the recreation department to see if I was interested in baking and assembling 15 gingerbread houses for a program this December. They can be cookie-cutter simple as it is a family project for people to come and decorate. I have never done a gingerbread house before. Can anyone advise me on how many hours it would take to bake and assemble them?
Completed my first tye dye cake this weekend and was very happy with it. I was scared I wouldn't like the effect the first time and have to scrap all the fondant but it worked! just rolled out several "snakes" of each color, pinched some over onto the next color, wound all into a spiral and rolled out. I was especially happy with the bottom tier.
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