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I just checked back to see if you posted any pics. I love both designs. They are lucky employees. I happen to be an accountant myself (we are not ALL boring). My employer would never put that much thought into what was served at company meetings. You did a great job.
I'm relatively new to CC and the cake decorating world, but have been baking since I was little. I'm an accountant, but would love to go back to pastry school. How many people on the site have actually gone through some sort of culinary program? Are there any scholarships out there for those of us who already have a 4 year degree?
I was reading this thread with my husband and we both just busted out laughing over the Russian! Hillarious! It is definitely in 1st for me, but the jack-o-lantern is 2nd. I too tried to follow the Wilton fondant bow instructions for my 1st fondant was also very sad looking. Unfortunately I can't find the picture. Thanks for all the laughs
I am having the same delima. Graduation is approaching and peope not related to me are interested in purchasing cakes. I'm in Wisconsin and do not know if they allow in home baking. Does anyone know? Is it hard to get approved?
I love the top layer too. You came up with a great design.
You could aways go with an adding machine/calculator cookie. It would give you a few more creative options. Their names could be on the "screen".
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
HELP! I need to find a cake posted on this site. I thought I saved it to my favorites, but apparently I did not.I beleive it was for a child's birthday party and was posted this month. She did a stacked round cake and dyed the cake batter...two colors per layer. The overall effect was rainbow/tye-dye. The outside of the cake was not frosted, but left to let the colors show. I want to propose this as an idea for a wedding with a tye-dye theme in September.
I am looking for a sturdy yellow cake or pound cake recipe to carve into a lamb for Easter. The one I have is a little on the dry side. Any suggestions?
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