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I'm glad we got past that first round of problems and started getting to the cakes!!! These cakes are amazing. Please post your pictures even if you do not think your cakes are up to the level of others. Its all about the time you put in and the love you put into the cake. Fondantgirl...WOW. That is all I have to say. How many hours did the cake with the shells take you? I love your use of the colors and shimmer.
More great cakes! Dora is so fun and that dragon is stunning! did go a little crazy on the 1st birthday cake Did all that get eaten? It was a fun one. And that Eiffell Tower...I would be scared to attempt it...mine would be in a thousand pieces
Amazing cakes everyone. Thanks so much for sharing I have one more I would NEVER attempt again no matter what. Thomas the Train and I had a lot of fights and he caused me several mental breakdowns...
I was just thinking the same thing. The things we all do for our kids!!!
Thanks. I never thought it would be taken so negatively.
WOW...completely NOT how I meant it!!!! This was said jokingly to people like my mother or sister. All I was getting at was that some cakes are simply a labor of love and take an enormous amount of time. I just wanted to see other cakes that were close to people's hearts.
Have you ever done a cake for a family member or friend and had someone ask how much you would have to charge for it, if it was an order? I've done a few, in which my reply was "You couldn't afford it!". In other words...way too many hours. Here are the two that come to mind. the most recent was for my daughter's birthday (pillow pets) and the other was a bit of an experiment (Coach...
I was hoping someone would tell me this I go by the same dimensions, but just wanted confirmation!
How many would a 1/2 sheet serve...not torted or filled? Its for a birthday party.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to give the Red Velvet cake frosting a try and see how it goes!
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