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Hi leah_s How do you do the settling process correctly ? Thanks
What a great idea. Beautiful display !!! Thanks for sharing !
I agree with Jason. I read this somewhere: " Good cake isn't cheap, cheap cake isn't good"
También puedes usar dulce de leche.
Look this cakes or cheesecakes:
I use parchment paper on round and square pans. For bundt pans I use three things in this order: Crisco, Pam and then flour and this works great for me.
Les comparto mi experiencia: 1 Es mucho mas facil pintar el fonfant cuando se esta elaborando y esta todavia liquido sobre todo en colores fuertes. 2 En una clase que tome, la profesora comento que para obtener fondant rojo habia que primero ponerle un poquito de colorante amarillo como base para que sea mas facil obtener el rojo. Lo he hecho y me ha resultado muy bien este consejo. 3 En otra ocacion una profesora nos dijo que es mejor comprar ya pintado el fondant rojo...
I agree with Liz. The problem is a costumer asking for a recipe. Sharing reciipes atvmong bakers is nice.
I feel the same as Danilou y also put to much work (also time and money) on trailing recipes. I don´t like to give away my recipes because is also the "secret of a business".  When someone ask for a recipe I tell them that I sell cakes so I can´t give them the recipe because is my bussines even if I really do this for a hobby. But I really hate when someone asks for a recipe because I don´t want to be rude to anybody. 
Thanks for sharing all this tips, it´s very nice of you. I haven´t tried them yet but I can´t wait to do it. I just bought a book of cake pops in William-Sonoma. Thanks again.
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