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Fantastic bottle cake!
I spent days baking and decorating sugar cookies and unfortunately had to freeze them, rather than serving them freshly made. I'm a little nervous about damage to the decorating detail as they thaw. Any tips?They are layered between parchment paper circles, in air tight storage containers. I believe I should leave the lid on as they thaw.... is that correct? Should I move them to the refrigerator for a day before trying to bring them to room temperature? Any other...
What a gift! Thanks!!
Yes Maria, you're correct - I already plan to use a crusting buttercream and I was looking for further advice. Your tip about working with well chilled tiers is greatly appreciated. I was planning to thoroughly chill it before trying to transport... but was forgetting to add the extra "chill" step I before adding the drapes. I think I better make myself a step by step list! lol
I do have those (...somewhere) but I wasn't sure how "necessary" they were. Not sure if the flowers could survive a couple hours on their own, and if so, how would I secure them to the tops of the fondant drapes?
I am making Buttercream tiers with Fondant Drapes and Fresh Flowers. How would I attach the Fresh Flowers?Thanks.
I need to add fondant drapes on Buttercream tiers. Other than using a crusting Buttercream, what words of wisdom do you have for me? Thanks!
Thanks for the responses. I use Earlene's chart as well... I'm still struggling though because I can't get odd sized pans for a hundred miles! They only sell Wilton in this small town.
I am making my friend's wedding cake and haven't exactly decided on the size of the tiers yet. She asked for buttercream frosting and fondant drapes from tier to tier, adorned by fresh flowers. The base of her cake topper is 4" across. She requested 105 servings, but I think I will make it bigger to get the right proportions. What sizes do you suggest? (The pic she gave me is 4 tiers.)Thanks!
I am making a wedding cake for a dear friend who's having an outdoor wedding. Of course we've been having record breaking heat and humidity and now I'm stressing! Is there anything I need to add or change to help stabilize the frosting as a precaution? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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