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Ideas please! I have an order for baby's first birthday, mom wants the cupcake cookie cutter with that has the one candle on the top. Colors are hot pink and lime green. My initial thought was "oh, cute and fun with sprinkles, etc", then she told me that she didn't want cutesy, but elegant. Any ideas? Thanks!
I just have to say, I am amazed at the cupcake gallery! I usually hang around in the cookie neighborhood and ventured over to the cupcake area to get ideas for my daughter's birthday,! What creative ideas you all have! I may have to take up residency in the cupcake neighborhood too! Keep the great ideas flowing!
Kaybaby-I've frozen cookies that were un-iced, and others that were completely finished. I was a doubting Thomas about freezing iced cookies but I had a delivery that was delayed a week due to weather, so I didn't figure I had any choice. I froze them in tupperware containers with waxed paper on top of the layers and thawed them the same way, with the lids still on. I was pleasantly surprised the next day, they were fine. And the most surprising part was some of the...
Has anyone ever done this? I also have had the dreaded spotting problem in my icing after base-coated cookies have set for a day. I've read a few notes about adding whitener to the icing before coloring. Is that the process? The product that I purchased is the Wilton Icing Color White-White. Is that the right thing?
Some great ideas here. Thanks to everyone for their responses. Different colors it is!
Has anyone ever made the music note cookies before and iced them a different color other than black? I have a large order for the spring band concert and was thinking about making them assorted spring colors and accenting them with white. If the notes aren't black, will they still look like music notes?
I asked myself the same question the other day and decided to try it yesterday. I have a large order for next week and needed to speed up the process, so I got brave and tried two sheets at a time. Guess what?? No problem! Wish I'd thought of it before! Sounds like indydebi has it down to a science!
Jess - I think they're cute! I wouldn't have thought of french fries if you had not mentioned it, but I did appreciate your humor. That comment just made me giggle. I think we're all a bit too critical of our own work.
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I"ll give it a try this weekend. You all are so helpful!! Happy baking!
I use a boxed cake mix, but am not happy with the consistency of the cake. It seems dry, and I'm pretty certain that I am not overbaking. I've read about putting a pudding mix in the batter. Is that what makes most cakes so moist? I'm looking for that wonderful cake that most of us just dream about eating when we go to a wedding reception. Is that the secret to those marvelous cakes? I've also read about using an mix extender, which I have never used. If you use the...
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