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I have had this happen more than a few times .... you can actually fix it. Lay your choc streaked fondant out and wipe down with damp Viva paper towel or a new damp chux/or cloth. It will make your fondant a tad wetter just re knead and and let it sit for a little before re trying. If you really can't get it all off just knead it and set aside for when you require coloured fondant for another order.
Looking for a custom cake decorator in Milwaukee, WI.Please pm or email for details. Thanks heaps!!
To make the baulbus part make a ball/cone of sugar paste hollow out a little then with fine nail scissors and starting at the base make fine snips pulling scissors upwards as you go.
I made a Wiggles cake for my DD and made the figures and started the figures and car a couple of months ahead of time!! there are pics in my photos if you want some ideas
I agree with Jen....make them white and then dust them you get much better depth to your colour and it makes them much more realistic...then steam to set the colours and if needed use a liquid colour for the little dots etc.
maybe a dab of royal icicng or gumpaste glue
there is a tutorial in the articles section Step-By-Step 3D Cake Sculpting (Baby in a Flower Pot)"cake projects" 2nd one down HTH
These are my show cakes ....I was really excited about the results and had to share ...especially seeing most of what I have learnt has been from all you wonderful CC memebers!!!
I love your baby is fantastic!! really cute!!! I wouldn't even put a hat on it!! maybe you could post a pic of the animals you have made...maybe someone can give some pointers if you are not getting them quite right........sometimes we are our worst enemy when we judge our own work
I have not long used dummies for the first time for some of my show cakes and I can honestly say I prefer to cover and decorate a real cake!! But dummies do serve a purpose
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