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Sorry! I don't know why the picture posted that many times.
My Michael's has it for $19.99 for 2#. I used a 50% coupon in it so totally a good price. It smells great. Harder to work with than Satin Ice. The verdict is still out. I really want it to work cause around here I can't find Satin Ice other than online & I hate that. I will let you know what I am done. ::crossing fingers::
I just made some 2 weeks ago & I put them in before baking. Had to make them thicker than my usual cookies but it worked perfectly.
No not at all. It means you have control issues like me Hahahaha If I actually could handle having a birthday party I would probably end up alienating everyone & throwing it for myself. I am so bad, it HAS to be my way. I think when we make ourselves things we figure "why don't we deserve the love, time & effort that everyone else gets on their special day" if we don't do it who will.
I have a cake next week for a Red Egg & Ginger party. The mom wants gold swirls & red gumpaste flowers. Would I be better off just painting the swirls & lines or piping the gold on? I have never worked with gold or silver before other than to dust with. Thanks in advance.
Thanks everyone!!! I am gonna check out my $store tomorrow.
Next week I am making cookie wands for a birthday party. I am doing them as a favor for my 4 year old daughter's friend so I am not being paid. I don't want to put them upside down in a basket to display them so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Since I am not being paid for them I don't want to spend a lot of money on the display but I want it to look nice.Thanks for any ideas in advance.
The aine2 video really helped me. I was lost but I did it with her & made one for a shower. Still need practice but I am getting there.
Smart & Final is the only place I have been able to find it. I am in CA & most people don't even know what it is.
Oh I so believe you. My back has never officially gone out but after I make a good amount of cookies I can barely stand. Baking is hard core!
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