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uh oh - I didn't look at the size either!!I have an order for a baby shower this weekend - 4 dessert real decorations...they wanted "flavor - not decorations!" So if, I get the cookie cutter in time - I was going to do a few to put on the table for decoration along with the cakes...I know the people throwing the party...I am charging for the cakes...I should say under-charging! But I would like the people at the shower to see the decorated let...
I just ordered one from Off the Beaten Path, cookie I can't wait to get mine!!
hee hee hee!! No help here - I just wanted to say that he's CUTE!!
I'm super excited about this cake. I am including it in an order I have for next weekend! It's for a babyshower - they didn't want any decorated cakes...just "dessert" cakes. I am making the Black Out cake, a French Vanilla Almond with Strawberry icing and a carrot cake. Does anyone have a good homemade carrot cake recipe??
I use the Black Magic cake off the hershey's site - with the dark chocolate cocoa powder and a chocolate ganache icing. OMG!!! TO DIE FOR!! The last one I made I took some no sugar blackberry seedless jam - mixed it with some powdered sugar - so it was kind of gooey(?) and put it between the layers! I had one lady tell me she needed a cigarette and a moment alone after eating that! HA HA HA!! I aim to please!!
I want to get stickers to put on my plain white cake boxes with my name and phone number. I'm thinking I need to come up with a name for my happy little business before I can go any further...I'm sure I'll need one for a license etc. So - how about "Have Your Cake..." Cute?? No??
This is the cake recipe I use for my cakes. It is wonderful. I add a little apple pie spice to the chocolate recipe. It makes it a very unique cake. Wonderful with buttercream or whipped icing.
I have only ever used it on buttercream. I have just recently started dabbling in fondant...that's a whole other "situation"! LOL!!
I recently purchased an AirMaster from a grocery store that had gone out of business. Ther were liquidating everything. I purchased the compressor, hose, and two actual air guns with the triggers, along with a heavy duty decorating turn table (runs $70+ new). I paid $30 for BOTH!! I was so giddy! The gals in my office (the day job) were laughing at me because I was soooo excited about my purchase. Oh - I had worked for this grocery store about 7 years ago as their...
I am thinking of using Alice's Cookie Icing for the first time to do some cookies for my daughter's Halloween party tomorrow. My question is, can I substitute All Whites for Meringue Powder? Are they the same thing? I have never used either. I would like to make a decoration that will travel well home with the little goblins!
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