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I charged $12 for each sheet and the sheet pan I used was about a 1/4 sheet size.  I use to be able to get 50 pound bags of peanuts for about $60  
I have 2 - 3tier wedding cakes, 1 - 4tier wedding cakes, 3 groom's cakes and about 17 birthday/shower/graduation cakes. I am exhausted
I glue several boards together also, they seem pretty sturdy. but even on my wedding cakes - I use 1/2" thick foamcore under each tier and when the cake "shakes" when moving it, I can see some of the little cracks
I have been using an icing base that my supplier has. It starts out like a shortening and all I have to do is add water/liquid and flavorings. I have been using it for a while (and it tastes awesome after I add my flavorings and stuff) but for some reason I am noticing the "drying out" or "crusting" too much. It still tastes great but I hate those little cracks. Someone told me to use the coffee creamer instead of just water because it will add more fat to the icing...
I have been noticing for a while now that my icing seems to "dry" out. It looks fine when applying and smoothing but then like the next morning when I move it or something that are little hairline cracks in it. Does that make sense? I use water mixed with coffee creamer for my liquid when making my icing, so not just water. Anyone have any ideas?? thanks
WOW! I can't wait to here what comes next
I really want to hear how this turns out. I can not believe the nerve of some people!!
thanks everyone, I am going to look at michaels. kind of want one for this weekend and don't have time to wait on one being shipped thanks again
no one?
I was wanting to get a pasta roller so I could use it when making my bow loops - but my supply store that I use is sold out of them right now and won't get any more for a while. Where else can I get one of these? Wal-mart? anyone know? how much do they usually cost? thanks all
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