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Most rolled cookie recipes don't even need any flour to roll out. I never use extra flour! As long as your dough is chilled enough, you can use wax paper to roll out on the bottom of the dough and the top. Your rolling pin will never get dirty (bonus!).
Thanks for the replies. Lynda, I will be e-mailing you soon! I couldn't retrieve any of my files =(
I crashed my computer and I'm trying to retrieve some deleted files... I cannot remember what the file extension was for the Cake Boss saved files. Hopefully someone can check for me? Thank you so much! So stressed over losing my data!!! Huge lesson on always being backed up.
Thanks for the information! I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer and also contacted an electrician friend of ours. Hopefully we can get it worked out or I may have an oven for sale =(
I bought a commercial oven for fairly cheap. I assumed I would be using it in a commercial setting where 3 phase power was available already. Unfortunately the building I am looking to rent doesn't have it! It's a 120/208V/3 phase DeLuxe brand oven. I know very little about electrical matters, but I'm hoping there is a way to be able to use it! Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing?Thanks!
I'm sorry no one has answered your question yet! I don't use fondant on cookies, so I really can't help, but I'll give the post a bump so others can see it!
I use glace with royal accents too. The flavor goes best with my sugar cookie recipe. I'm not a fan of the way royal tastes or it's crunch. Most of my family/friends prefer the glace. I do use Antonia's recipe for the details, but have used it to flood cookies before and found it completely crunchy. The only way it is not is if you eat the cookie the day it is made.
The bakeries where I live (in SW MO) make licensed character cakes all the time. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it doesn't still happen. My guess is that either they don't realize it's wrong or they do, but think they won't ever get in trouble for it. I'm a total rule follower, so I just don't do it- period. Usually there are ways to work around it by designing something similar. Along the same lines- using the character shaped cake pans and printing out pictures...
Thanks for the comments! I actually did sift the 5th time I made them and let them sit out for 45 minutes before baking. Maybe my technique is ok then? I'm going to keep trying them. They're so darn cute! Failure = learning I suppose!
I've so far made 5 batches of French macarons (not the coconut macaroons we have in the U.S.) and while I am learning each time, I still can't seem to find the best way to get these to come out right! I want to scream! I've been reading blogs and forums posts for help, but I just don't get why mine are not turning out. This last batch got closer... They had the nice feet and a smooth top but they seemed hollow and they stuck to the bottom of the silpat. They are also much...
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