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My sentiments EXACTLY! Where do people get off thinking that being rude and insulting will get them what they want? I don't care if she said it in a "nice" way. She didn't make you feel nice! Tell her that the cake she wants is too amateur for you and that you only do complicated cakes Oh wait. I guess that goes against being nice - shucks!
Ok so this was the wrong thread to open this morning before I've eaten breakfast. There is some bacon in the fridge that's calling my name now - thanks everybody!I dedicate the new padding that is to be adding itself to my butt in a few minutes, to Cake Central biscuits and gravvyyyyyyyyyyy yummmmmmmm
Oh Congratulations New MOMMY! Enjoy every second of it and get some rest!!Best wishes to your family
I was reading all six pages just to get to say this. Glad somebody else was thinking like me. How ridiculous that some people here are being so dismissive about this bride's feelings - and without even being asked!!! So what that she was in a bad mood for a while because her cake was wrong! I'm sure she didn't need lectures on how to feel. Did you all expect this girl to just go tell her cousin that she had no right to be upset because her priorities were all out of...
Wow! My fondant/gumpaste tools are still in their packages and sitting on the kitchen table too....hmmmmFondant playdate!!! Everybody bring their tools and let's all play
Yayyyy fellow Libra! Happy Birthday Jackie! Now somebody get her and give 'er some spankins and cake!
ha ha ha ha I think that in the cake world, there are three types of people. Those who like to share their recipes, those who don't like to share recipes, and those who like to eat recipes If you don't want to give him your recipe, tell him the name of the buttercream. and then tell him Google was invented. Don't feel bad. It's just a personal choice.
I just popped into your thread to see the answer to this. I've wondered about this myself
Since when is two cakes a problem in life? More yummy options! Bring it, it's your gift afterall.
Take a group vote and make a command decision. I think if most people there are appalled, then that says something. I would care more about hurting mom-to-be's feelings than the daughter of the co-worker who is not even there. If all say nay, then "kidnap the babies"Just my opinion.
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