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OMG thats hilarious!!!!I just remember, my daughter loves to hide. Well the thing is that she loves to hide at the cake cabinet!!! she takes out EVERYTHING out of the cabinet and hide inside the cabinet...jajajajja Now im laughing but when she does that i dont laugh at all!!! I get so pissed sometimes because she knows she cant do that, but she just lovesssssssssssss pissed me off!!!!!jajajajaj!!!! But you know why i get pissed ! BECAUSE SHE`S MY PORTRAIT!!!! I used to be...
OMG this was hilarious, I related to that because now i live in Texas and im originally from Puerto Rico so we have a pretty good different accent, in English and Spanish!!!!ajjajajajajajjajaja
Dont listen to anyone saying that you can`t, your a very secure person, and whatever you want to do you will. I dont know you but im very proud of you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!Of course listen to any advice on freezing or not and stuff on that matter, cake matter, not discouraging you!!!!!!
Anyone please answer this, in Rhonda`s MMF with the only thing i can substitute the princess cake is with lemon extract right???
Girl I really understand you!!!!I dont have any mother story or anything to blame on her, shes been great and most of the things I know is thanks to her,(she have a bakery back home) and im just starting!!!!!But im really insecure with my cakes! Im just starting and for some reason everytime i have to do a cake, I design it really nice, I start dreaming about it and thinking that my cake is going to be all great and gorgeous and then i start all the process goes great the... daughter is 15 months and she`s really smart and btw she`s dinamite, she already know when im going to bake a cake, she grabs a chair well she moves one of my dining table chair and put next to the cooling grid!!!!!!I have baked more cakes for my daughter`s taste than for an expecific occasion!!BTW her nanny show her that, i bake this 9" round 2 layer cake, BC and fondant, Well i took it to her nanny`s house and live it there, so she can share it with the rest of...
sonoma i didnt ment to offend you or anyone here! I dont want to be snob or anything, but i too have friends and family that is really close to rich!!! and my personal case, im not rich but we do have a nice annual income in which we live pretty nice! Dont get me wrong, Im a purse collector! Having the money to buy a designer purse and I havent done it! i dont think im going to do it... my point here is the purse thing was just an example...I prefer to spend the money that...
Thank you guys!!!! That chart is kind of nice!!!! wow thats a lot of cake!!!Well thank u!You guys r being of a huge help!!!
Thank you for the bamboo pics!! mmm that gave me an idea! dont know if it will work, cause i dont want to look like too busy!!!
the waterfall sound awesome but i think its kind of way out of my league!!!and Im moving to a city here in texas so its not a big deal move!!its about 3 hrs from where I live right now!!Do you think the wiring is going to look good??? Im not sure! I was thinking about incorporate some bamboo but dont know were or how!
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