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Thank you!!!!Here is 10:30pm and im going to Walmart so I can buy the stuff!!!Thank you very much!!!!Also I forgot!!!Im used to scratch cakes, and this uses white cake mix so should I add syrup or should I live it the way it is!!?????
My daughters nanny call me today like 2 hours ago, for invite us to a dinner, well I ask her what she wants me to bring, and guess what!!!!CAKE!!! Well i was thinking about doing the WASC. I`ve never done it, but i heard a lot of good things about.Well I want to know what kind of filling will match with this type of cake???Should I use buttercream or whipped topping???Any idea pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee HELP MEEEE!!!!
Pleaseeeee someone answer my question!!!Rhonda`s MMF with the only thing i can substitute the princess cake is with lemon extract right???
im still confused!!! At the swans website i found a conversion thing from all-purpose to cake flour!Ok, Presto is an all purpose flour, and I love it but here I dont find it here, my recipe calls for presto all purpose flour.Do you guys think I shoul try the conversion thing????
your cakes are amazing I wish i could do something like that!!!!
Your cake looks so good!!!!I already love your daughter, because shes the one person that push you do get better and better!!!! I wish that when my daughter grows up, that she ask me for something so beautiful by her own imagination!!!!YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!
OMG!!!!your my hero!!!!you did a topsy turve cake!!! Im so scared to do a thing of that magnitude, actually Texas heat have influenced my thinking~~~Congrats!!! is really nice!!! I dont have any suggestions because I dont know a thing about whimsical but im so proud of you!!!!!
Ok im not egoist or anything close, but regarding cakes im the type of person that thinks that NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW YOUR SECRET!!! If you use box cake mix, well you doctored it that makes it a scratch recipe!!!and if someone wants to know thats part of your secrets!!!
Ive never done a cake from another flour than Presto, well where I live now, I cant find presto, so i bought Swans and Gold medal...Im not sure of how to bake a cake with this two because my recipe is for presto all purpose flour, and swans is cake flour and gold medal is self-rising!!!What kind of flour do you use, if you use one of these please pass me a recipe im in neeeeeed!!!!!!Which one is better???Helppppp im frustated!!!
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