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Thank you for your support~~~!! btw suzi your cake is beautiful, you cant even imagine that the back is a dissaster.You guys dont know what meant to me all your support!!!!Im going to post my pic cake this weekend...THANK YOU!!!!!I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Thank you guys!!!Ive been decorating since I remember, well I was helping my mom. Today was hard, my daughter was running all over me, I was trying to use for the first time royal icing, i went to bed yesterday at 4am baking a WASC cake that by the way i think i messed up the cake! So im just frustrated, my husband was really excited about how the cake turn out, but im just not happy!!!
Thank you, Im thinking about give it one more try for my birthday cake, im just so tired of doing messed up cakes!!!!
I like the first one!!!I think has something else!!!!
I have one that I ordered thru ABC catalogs...Im not going to used actually! if thats the one you want, tell me and I can sell it to you...
Thats what I am...a TOTAL FAILURE...I just realized I cant do cakes...I dont have the talent nor the creativity to do such a beautiful work.I finished a cake a little while ago, and everytime I look to the table I realized that im not as talented as I want to be or as talented as I want the people to believe I am.Im so dissapointed, im so ashamed...Im supposed to be the only one of my moms kids that shared the same talent as she does, and right now I just dont know if im...
Actually for my daughters bday i did this cake and stay outside all day until like 1am and whe we cut it it was dry!!!For another cake, i stay all night decorating it and when we cut it it was dry also...thats why im thinking to leave it outside to see if it dries a little bit...What you guys think?
I did a WASC cake yesterday, but i think i messed up, because it was my first time doing it and a put syrup and I think now its EXCESSIVELY moist!!! I tried to dry it a little bit with a paper towel, but i dont know if is going to work. Right now is too late because is already decorated, ugly, but decorated. If I left the cake outside you think it might get a little bit dry; I had this problem before lefting cakes outside and they get kind of dry, so what you...
I was thinking about doing Antonias74 royal icing, but i dont have tartar cream available...Is there anyway I can do it substituing the tartar cream with somethng else???forgot to say HEEEEEEEEEELP
nop i dont have a KA (i wish) anyway, i didnt weight it (dont have a scale) and I have like a dough, I add 2 tablespoons of water and still have the dough! Im thinking about start over!!!Or anyone can tell me a recipe i can use to make decorations ???
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