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ok guys im in between this 2, ive never used Toba Garrett`s recipe, but im willing to try it, just I want to know what r your opinions and difference on taste, elasticity, texture, etc...Any suggestions will be appreciate it!!!!
I wish i could be that creative!!!!!!!!your good
Thank you guys! its really helpful, but how im supposed to use this rings?
Ok, It seems that we need to roll out everything to 1/8" thick. How thick is that?? I really dont know how to roll to that measure actually I dont know to roll to any measurement, im not that good with thickness!!!!So my question basically is like what is 1/8" thick, or what I can use to follow 1/8" thick pattern!!!!!HELP!
OMG!! Well this in my case, im really lazy and very disorganized, and the only time my house is completely clean and organized including the kitchen is when im going to do a cake. I use a cookie pan and put parchment paper on top, I put everything on top of my cookie sheet and i have a bowl with hot water and soap for my tips, and as soon as a I finished with the cake mix I clean up, then the icing and clean up and I keep going like that!!!!Any advise on the rest of my...
That star is really popular this days on youth is a brand logo also, anyway I think if you do it with royal icing is going to look beautiful!
I dont have a KA im dying for one, but thats just wrong!! I have this cheap walmart one, and when i say cheap is CHEAP, Black friday, $10.00and its about 3 yrs old, and still like new, I love it, even my mom that have a KA is in love with my cheap version!!!I think you should do something fast before is too late!!!!
Im dont know how to put an attachment with the picture so im going to put it on my photos, is the basketwave cake!!!!!Thanks you all, for looking!!and for all of your support!!!
How many books with that name Peggy have???
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