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IM doing the no fail sugar cookie recipe, it calls for flour, but it doesnt says what kind of flour? Which one should I use? cake flour, self rising, all purpose ?????? HELP SOON I HAVE A HUUUUUUGE ORDER OF COOKIES TO BE EXACT 180 COOKIES FOR THE NEXT MONTH AND I WANT TO TRY THIS RECIPE TO CHECK IF I LIKE IT BETTER, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE SOMEONE HELP ME!
I was thinking about doing a 3 tier stack cake, 12-9-6 but is too much cake for my birthday, so was thinking about 12-9 or 12-6 what you think is going to look better, also my birthday party is going to be on friday but my sisters birthday is on Wednesday so i was thinking doing a 3 tier and then saving 1 tier for my sisters birthday, but can I do that???
thank you joann!
Whats the difference between pastillage and gumpaste? im sure you have discused this before, but i search and didnt find anything!!Please someone answer, Thank you
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo y me emociona la idea de que alla un grupo de apoyo, enseƱanza y amistad de PR y que todas llevamos la misma pasion. Yo por obvias razones no puedo estar presente (vivo en TX), pero me encanto la idea de Dulce, podemos hacer como un estilo revista o algo asi, y cada una paga una membresia y quisas una cantidad aparte para la revista o un brochure para que sea enviado por correo, quizas en el brochure o revista se pueden poner como tutorias para...
how long in advance can you make a cake, decorate it and have stored ?? and where can I stored a decorate it cake with both, buttercream and fondant?? and for how long a cake(undecorated) can be stored at the fridge without getting messed up?Help!! pleaseeeeeeee
which one is better in taste??
Hun, don`t take it personal, Im just saying that depends on areas, basically here in Texas EVERYTHING is wayyyy cheaper than in other states, so I understand that you get to charge whatever you want, and regarding the 6" for $60, well I bet it was BEAUTIFUL, Im not saying is wrong, Im saying is not fair to price something when we lived in different states that charge different. Honestly, I will love to charge that much for a 6" cake, but here we cant! Actually, the fruit...
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