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Im doing a 12-9-6 (2 layer)well im using 2 pans for the 9 & 6 and 1 pan for the 12, my question is how many cakes can I put in the oven at once. And for how long should I bake them, especially the 12" because ive never done a cake this big. Also im using flower nails instead of a heating core, how you take out the nail, I guess it leaves like a hole in the cake, what you do about it???Please someone help, im in neeeeeeed!!!!
Thanks jar, happy birthday to you too!!!!
Im from Texas also, and ive been all afternoon baking cookies, and is not that fun when is your birthday! So im kind of tired! and i wanted to decorate the cookies tomorrow, but I didnt know if they were going to taste good!!!!
make cookies today and decorate them tomorrow???please someone answer this
bump to me!!!someone, anyone!!!!!!!!!
make cookies today and decorated them tomorrow???
wow!! thanks a lot!!
Thank you, your the bestttt!
thank you guys, you 2 are the best!!!
I know this is not the forum, but im in neeeeed fast, IM doing the no fail sugar cookie recipe, it calls for flour, but it doesnt says what kind of flour? Which one should I use? cake flour, self rising, all purpose ?????? HELP SOON I HAVE A HUUUUUUGE ORDER OF COOKIES TO BE EXACT 180 COOKIES FOR THE NEXT MONTH AND I WANT TO TRY THIS RECIPE TO CHECK IF I LIKE IT BETTER, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE SOMEONE HELP ME!
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