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I need some instructions or tips on how to make a camouflage decoration. I need it for buttercream and fondant!!!!Any help will be extremely appreciated!!!Thanks!
creative chika, Gracias un millon !!!!!! Exactamente tu respuesta era lo que necesitaba!!!!!Muchas gracias!!!
....................................................just bumping myself here....... this is just amazing....there is a topic about nobody answering i think it was my turn to be ignored!!!!! please i need this ASAP, if this is something repeated just tell me where to find the info!!!! but ive been looking on the search and i dont find anything ......Thanks !!!
OK NO ANSWER!! if someone knows where i can find the answer please do tell me!!! cause ive been checking the search link over and over and havent found anything!!!!!
EVERYBODY comments about how wonderful is a 50/50 blend....and I know it might sound dumb...but can someone exactly tell me how the hell i can get a 50/50 mixture....cause i`ve been trying to think what kind of fondant use, if i can use mmf, what kind of gumpaste recipe use etc......Well all this is because i bought some of aine2 tutorials and I want to do some practice....... PLEASE IM BEGGING SOMEONE HELP ME FAST.......THANKSSSSSSS!!!!
I want to start practicing some figures but im not sure where to start. Can you do figures with mmf? Do I need to add something else to the mmf recipe? Is tylose powder and gumtex the same thing? Do they work the same way?? Some help FAST please!!!!!
For some reason I dont know how to cover a dummy with press n seal! I dont know what im doing wrong or how should i do it!!! any suggestions???
Someoneeeeeeeeeeeee PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
What can I do if I dont have enough foil or white cups for cupcakes and the cupcakes are for Tomorrow!!!
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