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You can tell from the intro of the show who will be the next to go. I had a feeling it was going to be Elisa going home last night because you can see future cakes that followed a certain theme from three of the decorators and she was not one of them. That is the case for who I believe will be going home next as well. Maybe I am wrong.
vlin28 and krissiecakes... I am so completely and totally shocked to find my name mentioned on this thread. I cannot believe my name has been included in such great company, and I am so flattered by your kind words. Thank you , thank you, thank you! I have been decorating for about 3 1/2 years and love decorating cakes, but I would never in a million years consider myself worthy of a cake crush. You are too kind.By the way I would have to say my cake crush is...
I have a blog too. It is mostly about my kids and family. I put my cakes on it when I do one, but it is not devoted solely to cake decorating. I usually post pictures of the cakes and don't even really discuss how they were made.
PennySueYou are correct with you sizes and serving, but Earlene does not count the top tier of a wedding cake for servings because that is anniversary cake for the bride and groom. The top tier would be the 5" and would serve 6, so that is where your six extra servings came from. So, if you do not count the top you would end up with 50 servings. The reasaon it is different under the grooms cake section is because you do count the top on the grooms cake.
The chart online does not give the full explanation. I have ordered the actually chart from her, and it breaks down what each column means. Columns A, B, C, D and E are separate from columns F and G. Colum F (brides servings) tells you if a bride needs a cake to serve X number of people then you look at column F for the number you need and then look at the column "Pan sizes in round layer tiers only" to the corresponding row and it tells you what size pans you need for...
I signed a petition for the Cottage Food Law in TX at the cake show in Austin. I am assuming this is all related to the same cause.
I am doing a wedding cake next month that is very similar to the one pictured. I do a lot of tiered cakes but none are spaced. Can anyone share with me what type of stand/spacers I need to use for this cake as well as any other considerations that I need to take into account when doing it?Thanks so much for your help!
A lady at a local cake shop gave me a great tip for red icing that I swear by. I use a combination of the Wilton no taste red and powdered red coloring. The powdered red also has no taste to it. I also try to make my red at least one day in advance so that it can sit over night and darken. The powdered color is use is called Candy-n-Cake powdered food color and is a CK product.
Do you guys know what gauge of wire is used when they are used to have a ball of fondant or other decoration coming out of a cake?
I use Duncan Hines mixes and found the perfect way to improve flavor, moistness and density. For chocolate cakes I use the Devils Food mix and then add 1/2 cup of Sour Cream and 1/2 cup of pound cake mix. The pound cake creates a little more density to make it easier to work with and the sour cream adds flavor and keeps it moist. For white cakes I use the white mix and add 3/4 cups of each sour cream and pound cake mix.Have gotten rave reviews and is extremely...
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