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Is the recipe on this site for the cookies and cream filling better than BC with oreo crushed into it? Some people just use the bc but which is best?
Is the cookies and cream recipe better than just mixing oreo's into the bc icing?
If I'm wanting to make a vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling, what icing should i decorate with? I normally use buttercream dream, is that good?
Thank you!
Cake extender?
I have a question concerning the wondermold..Do you use a pound cake batter so that its more firm? Or is any cake mix good?
I'm thinking icing sugar is just powdered sugar. Do you think vanilla cake with the cookies and cream filling would be ok? Or should I use another flavor?
Thanks for all your help.. I was wondering what type of cake (FLAVOR)goes best with this filling?
Thanks found this site.. I don't see the directions posted..
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