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The cookies do get soft fairly quick. I made the icing about 1 hour before I used it and stuck it in the fridge. The cookies were soft when I used it. I crumbled them into small pieces so you could use larger ones.
I used the cookies and cream filling posted on this site for the first time today. I baked a layer of vanilla and a layer of chocolate cake and used the cookies and cream filling. I iced it with BC dream with crushed oreo's in the BC. It was FABULOUS.. Thanks for everyones help! I love this forum
Do you normally ice the whole cake in this icing or is it just for the filling? If so, do you use bc to ice the rest?
I don't have any creative ideas but the previous posts are hilarious
Is there a recipe for it on this site?
What is IMBC?
Use the skid mats under your cake boxes and the boxes shouldn't move.
I'm no expert on this since Ive only made them twice but I think it depends on the chocolate you use. I used the wilton chocolate melts once and the chocolate wasn't very thick and it did melt easily. The second time i use chocolate bark and It made the chocolate very thick and did not melt easily. Everyone liked the chocolate cake with white chocolate coating. I used heath pieces to sprinkle them with.
Color flow is edible. I would try mixing royal and color flow.
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