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I have a wedding cake to do for April Ive never used gumpaste and was wanting to do gumpaste roses after seeing all the beautiful ones on this site.. How far in advance can u make them and how hard does gumpaste dry? I need to see if I can even make them What do you use to start the middle? HELP! TIA
I have never made a fondant wedding cake And I have some questions about how to stack it. First of all do you use a cake board under every cake? When you dowel them together through the middle how do you cover up the hole in the fondant?
Would this cake posted on this be good for wedding cake?
When I first wanted to learn how to make bread my husband bought me a bread machine. I used it about two times and then I tossed it. Hand made is the only way!
I have found one recipe that works well for me but would like a different bread recipe or starter? Can anyone help? TIA
What temp do you bake with?
after it rises the first time and your ready to shape it into a french loaf, what is the process?
Bread? I bake bread a lot but have never made a french loaf! Please help!TIA
I would probable charge around $50 - $60. It depends on where you live a lot of times on what people will pay...
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