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I found these two cakes on this site! I have an order for one but not sure which size. what would be a good price for each cake?
Thanks!!!!! I'm going to try it soon! I'm so excited to learn something NEW
I think Wilton has that color for blues clues. I'm not sure.
I cant answer your question, but I have one of my own When you carve your cakes Is it easier to do it with them frozen or cold? And also how do you get the shapes you need? I mean like templates or what? I'm confused on this subject since Ive only carved one dress and it was super easy!
I did not know that you could make chocolate clay with melted chocolate and corn syrup Could someone Please explain? How do you get different colors?
If you use a little coco powder and then add your black you don't have to use very much color.
I would say 350 also
This is an example, I guess, of one on a wire an on without. When would you use wire and not?
What's the difference between roses on or not on a wire? Why would you use one and not the other???
I'm no expert on this since I have never done it, but there is a fondant tool called the quilting wheel. I did find it on this site but don't know how to use it..Sorry I couldn't be more help
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