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I made an Ice Cream Cake last summer and I used Chocolate cake and Brownies. Brownies for the bottom layer and chocolate cake for the top! It was so good. I made it similar to the way Doug suggested.. Wilton makes a good whipped icing. It comes in a box and you whip it with ice water. I don't have a good personal recipe..
I tried to use a toothpick but it didn't work too well. I smoothed out the hole but the air was still there
This is only the 3rd cake that Ive covered completely with fondant. I used MMF. Could someone tell me why it has air pockets under the fondant? I couldn't get them out- any secrets? TIA Its the froggy cake in my photos
I would like the answer to that one myself
I think your suppose to use a cookie sheet under it.
I know if you use a lot of coloring it will change the flavor especially if your using a lot of red. Which brand of coloring are you using? I use Wilton's no taste red. Ive heard from this site that Americolor is really good.
I would think so.
Yes, I'm aware of that. I was just wanting prices for each. She isn't sure what size she would need.. TIA! can use molds like this
I'm not really sure since Ive never done this but I think you can buy molds, much like candy mold and use the gumpaste to mold the shape.
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