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tell me which yearbook this is in? TIA!
Thank You!
I'm stacking the 8' on top of the 10' and then I'm putting the 6' on a tier. Do I need to put dowel rods in the 8' cake?
The bowl is a clear 4' bowl. Should I use this or just use flower spikes? I'm not sure what I'm doing?
How long will the flowers stay fresh in the floral foam?
Dowel rods do you use for a 10' 8' 6' cake?
I'm needing to make a floral arrangement for my friends wedding cake. I've never tried this before and I'm not sure where to begin. I have the bowl that is going on the cake for the arrangement to go into. What do I need and how do you get the flowers to stay in place? Does this make sense? TIA!
Do you use the no cook jello pudding? Do you just add it to the mix and do you add anything else???
Why do you add pudding to boxed cake mixes? Ive never tried this????
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