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hmmmmm,,,, can I add powdered sugar to it??
I melted one pound of white chocolate and poured 3/4 cup light corn syrup together... Is that the right recipe?? If so, will it get hard enough to mold figures? or to color??
and just out of curiosity.... If you have to shape the cake, do you charge for the cake you have to cut off?
Thank you... but the chart poses another question?? How much do you charge if it says for 14-16 ppl?? If you do $2 a serving? Do you charge for the 16?
Could someone please tell me how many ppl a 6",8",10",12"....etc... will serve???
Im wanting to make a cake topper with the wire?? Im not sure what type of wire to use or how to assemble.... Im wanting to make it with color flow butterflies.... COULD ANYONE PLEASE HELP....TIA.....Tracy
Had any experience with making a royal icing outline and pressing it into a fondant cake to paint an image??
but do you turn it over like the buttercream transfere??
Is a color flow transfer the same as a frozen buttercream transfer?
Thank you!
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